Before & After – Dani

Before I started with Strong Heart I was very overweight, didn’t feel strong.

Living with that Feeling was miserable, honestly. I was pretty athletic and in shape for most of my life.

I felt weak to the point that even just getting up and down from the floor to play with my daughter was a challenge.

The thing that was different at Strong Heart was probably everything, I’ve never done anything like this before at all. I always thought I had to already be “in shape” or just something different than who I was to do something like this. I wasn’t in shape at all and I just needed to show up as I was.

The workouts, the coaches, the community; it’s all different from anything I’ve experienced before. Once you realize that the workouts are hard for everyone, scaling or not, it’s pretty powerful. I’ve also never made friends at a gym before and most of my friends in my life now I’ve met through Strong Heart if that helps explain how wonderful the community is any further.

I finally felt proud of myself for just working my ass off for an hour. Thats when I know that finding Strong Heart was what was finally going to work for me.

I’m always going to be a work in progress, physically and mentally. I’m finally more okay with that now than I have ever been though. Strong Heart is my therapy that keeps me going, that one hour of just cussing and counting in my mind gives me so much mental freedom from the day in and day out stresses of life and being a mom I just show up and I work hard and every single time I am so thankful I went.