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Top-Rated Fitness Programs In Foley


At Strong Heart Strength, our hybrid program offers a comprehensive workout regimen that combines various elements from different fitness disciplines to offer a balanced approach to physical wellness. We provide a holistic fitness experience that improves overall physical health, enhances endurance, builds muscle strength, increases flexibility, and supports mental well-being.


Strong Heart Strength’s Masters program is a specialized fitness regimen designed specifically for individuals aged 55 and older, focusing on promoting health, mobility, and well-being through age-appropriate exercise. This program emphasizes low-impact cardiovascular activities, strength training with lighter weights, flexibility exercises, and balance-enhancing workouts to accommodate the unique physical needs of older adults. We set out to improve endurance, maintain muscle mass, enhance flexibility, and prevent falls, thereby supporting an active and independent lifestyle.

24/7 Open Gym

Our gym in Foley is open 24/7 offering round-the-clock access to our members and catering to individuals with varied schedules and preferences. The 24-hour availability ensures that those with unconventional work hours, busy lifestyles, or a preference for less crowded workout environments can exercise at times that best suit them.


At Strong Heart Strength, our Endurance program is a specialized training regimen designed to increase stamina and improve cardiovascular efficiency, targeting athletes and fitness enthusiasts who wish to enhance their performance in endurance-based activities. We set out to improve the body’s ability to sustain prolonged physical activity, enhance recovery times, and increase overall aerobic capacity. 

Individual Coaching Sessions

Our Individual Coaching Sessions offer personalized fitness training tailored to meet your unique goals, needs, and preferences. This one-on-one approach allows for a highly customized workout plan, focusing on specific objectives such as weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance improvement, or overall health enhancement. Individual coaching sessions ensure that exercises are performed with correct form and technique, minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing effectiveness. This personalized attention helps you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently and effectively compared to being in a group setting, making it ideal for those seeking a focused and tailored fitness journey.


Strong Heart Strength’s Gymnastics program is a structured training plan designed to develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and agility through a variety of gymnastic disciplines. Our program not only enhances physical attributes but also fosters discipline, focus, and confidence, making it suitable for individuals seeking a comprehensive approach to fitness and personal development. 

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