Before & After – Amberly

I have been coming to Strong Heart now, for 1 year and 2 months.

I got started because of Bailey Stitt. She had highlights of her training at Strong Heart that I watched, and I decided to give it a try.

I had never woken up at 5 am to work out before, but that’s when Bailey went, so I went with her!

Honestly, my first class was intimidating, and it felt like everyone was on a higher level than me… But that motivated me!

I was out of shape and not confident in myself, but I didn’t like being last, and I wanted to be able to do the things the longtime members were doing, so I kept coming back.

The coaches made sure that I was safe and doing the exercises correctly, and they made me feel comfortable.

Before starting at Strong Heart, I was working out at the YMCA and Planet Fitness.

Even though I was active, I experienced a 45-pound weight gain over 1.5 years which I found out was from an autoimmune disease.

Once I figured out what was going on, I was determined to take my life back!

I started Strong Heart weighing 176 pounds, and I am now down to 138 pounds!

Strong Heart is a different breed of fitness and I’ve never looked like this in my life! I have more definition and muscle than ever.

One of the things I love about Strong Heart is that it isn’t just a workout… it’s the BEST hour of your day! Mentally, physically, and emotionally!

My proudest moment so far has been getting the results I’ve worked so hard for and being able to do movements that I couldn’t even attempt when I started.

I love walking through the door for class, ready to push my body and see friends.

The community is filled with huge-hearted and motivating people who love being there too! There is no “feeling left out” everybody pushes everybody and knows everybody… it’s like family!!

My best advice is; don’t judge your starting point to somebody else’s final point!!!

I was so hard on myself thinking I wasn’t good enough at first, but consistency is everything! Make small goals and hit them!!!

Don’t give up… keep pushing… anybody can do this!